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Anyone who does not get married is setting themselves up for a great deal of pain. It is good to get married young. To get married to a good woman takes a great deal of skill. Men are hunters but few are skilled hunters. Many men marry women who are sly and unreliable but have some other temporal attribute (good looks, a certain level of vitality, etc). Thus at a certain time they are betrayed for their lack of foresight and character assessment.

Divorce rates are intimately related to North American culture. Countries like Jordan have half the divorce rate we have in North American countries. This does not mean we have to marry outside of our borders, but it does mean that we need to find people who are not indoctrinated with the degenerated values so commonly found in people. Find someone very different who is not filled with common and bland concepts of the world. It is not very hard to find someone with an opinion on the big issues. Everyone has opinions. Sometimes it’s good to find someone who just doesn’t have a big stance on these issues, someone who is extremely involved in a particular topic (religion, biology, it can be whatever). It is better for a person to go heavily into a single thing rather than have average boring opinions on everything. Such person will know what they are talking about when they open their mouths, and will not open their mouths on anything. This is very good, it indicates their energy is being funneled in a useful way instead of being distributed uselessly in all directions.

The ego does not know how to love. Your personality is projected by you, a combination of likes and dislikes, affinities, histories, interactions and experience. Ultimately it doesn’t have a lot of reality.

Ultimately when we get into a relationship we need to restrain that ego. We will have a lot of fights, we need to learn how to not get angry during those times. This is very hard, painful and terrifying.

Indifference is the key. This is caring but indifference between success and failure, good and bad. This in itself is death to us, we live through projecting an image.

There is much more that can be said on this topic but some key facets of the diamond of the Perfect Matrimony are being addressed here. A perfect marriage is life’s purpose.

Nature creates in opposites. Acid and alkaline, positive and negative electrical charges, male and female. The union of male and female along with the neutral reconciliation force is the unfoldment of something extremely powerful. The potential between man and woman or positive and negative is intimately related with electricity.

The one who falls into some decrepit philosophy on why they should not get married or the one who possesses distrust and hatred towards women ends up being a miserable worm. Give up on that negativity, cultivate positivity. There are no perfect women out there, but that is a good thing. If you are going to be good to your wife then that means you have to die psychologically, and we are very ugly and incapable of love, so with such psychological death comes great beauty, and we can make our spouse happy, and have a lovely household, and that is something incredible.

This is something rare in America and I wonder if anyone here can appreciate the beauty in these ideas, since almost everyone is so Americanized. The divorce rate is so high here because in America everyone is obsessed with their identities and desires, but really this is the cause of all suffering. Marriage can be amazing, but you have to cease to be and to stop your wants. You will physically survive and live after, but as a new person, when you stop getting what you want all the time, having everything in such and such a way you want things, having people act how you want them to, etc, etc…