A Quick DeStress

Well certainly more work for same pay can lead to additional stress.

I would recommend taking outdoor walks every night or whenever you feel anxious. Get that fresh air into you, it will really work to calm you down. Outdoor walks are a way easier routine to get into than going to the gym. Plus you can take your dog with you if you have one, or walk the neighbors dog for them to be friendly.

I like to go for a 2 hour walk every night that is nice out. Any rainy day is a sort of recovery day.

It gives you time to let your mind unravel too. It’s a lot harder to think about things inside being all cooped up.

Ultimately since it’s exercise it will lead to a way healthier hormonal profile. This will cut back on the stress hormones a lot and lead to natural release of stress fighting hormones.

Breathe deeply on your walks and get that air running through you. Make sure you’re getting enough water throughout the day.

Air and water go a long way. Your body is constantly trying to remove toxins and so on but if there is no new water in the system it cannot work.

It is easy to understand why you are stressed, between that sort of job and the drinking, you are now having to develop your own capacity to deal with the stress. You will have to develop a variety of healthy methods but going for walks will help a lot.

As for the rest…

Develop a positive attitude.

It is a shield against negativity like anxiety. Once you open the doors to a negative emotion, they are like floodgates, you really get stressed out. It’s good to stop it early on, to get up and go do something to relax, to take a nice hot bath and just put your mind on other things. Some people naturally have an anxious temperament and you just have to work around it at times.