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Do Something Different

Someone I work with was telling me that he was thinking about buying some red contacts. When I asked why she said it was because she wanted to do something that she had never done before. It sounded a bit

Popular Trends

There are so many websites out there, and it seems like many of them try to follow the same basic ideas as the well-known ones.  This is usually the way things go, anyway, but it’s pleasing to think that things

Some Things I Need To Do

Maybe I should start cleaning my place a bit more often.  That’s actually what I was thinking about.  I have a tendency to not really clean or pick stuff up because I usually know where the things I need are,

Concerts And Shows

My girlfriend says she wants us to be more “cultured” and wants us to go out more and do things. She wants to go see Wicked which I am actually ok with because I’ve heard a lot of the songs

Man Cave

I have quite a collection of things in my “man cave” aka basement with a garage door. My wife gave me one area to call my own, where her decorating expertise and even presence are forbidden. As many of you

Going Somewhere New

This year my wife and I are getting a little adventurous with our annual vacation. We’ve only been able to afford to take tiny local trips in the past few years, mostly due to the effects of the recession that

Being Smart With Your Money

Making money is just as important as knowing how to manage it.  People often think that the secret to being rich is to make a lot of money but what they are overlooking is that being rich means having a

Think I Can Do This Myself?

I try to develop a bit of skill at things that I am interested in or that are important to me, and it tends to have mixed results.  For example, I enjoy eating, and while I go out to eat

Fighting the Temptation

My brother just bought a new car.  I’m actually slightly jealous but that is just some superficial social conditioning I’m sure — you know, cuz now he has a nicer car than me therefore my natural reaction is to want


Anyone who does not get married is setting themselves up for a great deal of pain. It is good to get married young. To get married to a good woman takes a great deal of skill. Men are hunters but