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  • Differences in Language

    Differences in Language

    For the last year I have been working as a professional copy-editor. Specifically I have been working closely with a major university, and one of the foreign language departments there, where most of the professors are not native speakers of English. My job has been to review prospectuses, research proposals, emails, literary reviews, and presently…

  • Food Snobs

    Food Snobs

    I dunno, throwing in a package of pre-made pre-frozen raviolis that were already prepped at some factory assembly line and slopping some cream sauce from a huge vat of ready-made factory sauce dispenser or hydrated from constituted flour packets then sprinkling on a pinch of fresh basil to make it look more authentic is a…

  • A Quick DeStress

    A Quick DeStress

    Well certainly more work for same pay can lead to additional stress. I would recommend taking outdoor walks every night or whenever you feel anxious. Get that fresh air into you, it will really work to calm you down. Outdoor walks are a way easier routine to get into than going to the gym. Plus…