Do Something Different

Someone I work with was telling me that he was thinking about buying some red contacts. When I asked why she said it was because she wanted to do something that she had never done before. It sounded a bit unusual to me but I guess she can do whatever she wants. My friend is pretty odd anyway. She showed me a link to a site which is where they were. Actually, the reason I like my friend so much is because she’s so odd. I find that many people aren’t. It’s usually pretty cool to find people that prefer to do things the way they like. I really think that most of my friends are similar to what I am mentioning. Basically, I find that I try to be like that but I don’t necessarily do it as much as I would like. Wit most of the things I do I tend to do things that are conventional. Bu that’s just me. As you could be yourself, it’s usually the most comfortable way to do things and that is why I do them. I cannot really handle a lot of stress. I mean, I do, but it’s snot something I Really like to do. And I think that as far as most of the stuff I do works, it’s best that I don’t have a lot. But I don’t know that I would do anything too weird, but I might you know, just to see how it goes. Basically I want to be sure that I am going to be in a place where I feel decent and know that the things I am doing are right. For that reason, I’m not sure I would ever do anything that might be considered super off the wall but it’s kind of like I want to see what I can do occasionally. But when I am doing that I usually get kind of worried that I might be doing something improperly. And because of that I tend to play it safe. But that’s part of who I am. I think that most people don’t do it that way. Well, they might, or they might try, but it’s not really something that they can safely do. If you talk to people about this you will see that they might think one thing but actually behave in other ways. It’s something I’ve found. Most of my friends are clever.