Popular Trends

There are so many websites out there, and it seems like many of them try to follow the same basic ideas as the well-known ones.  This is usually the way things go, anyway, but it’s pleasing to think that things are generally following a certain course of development.  Ok, let me elaborate.

Analyze a website like this one and what do you see?  Everything is pretty well laid out, and you can find what you are looking for without much work, right?  That’s because this site is based on the successful design of other sites that are similar.  When I wanted to start a blog, rather than doing everything myself, I just took a design that was already known to work and used it for myself.

What I think is pretty sweet is that there are some pages that are much more involved.  I don’t just mean basic blogs like this one, but you’ve got sites that can let you do more, like upload files, or post your own thoughts, or even remember the last things you viewed which is something you see on shopping stores.  The design and collaboration involved in doing that seems amazing.  And then there are the sites that run their own little things on the side.  I think there are web application development groups that will do that so you can have something to offer that makes your page unique.

But as for the overall design of things, there are a lot of other options out there for people who want to have a website that is easy to use and doesn’t require too much knowledge of html and other things because it is all there by the design you have.

As far as design goes, I think it’s probably easier to use something that will do what you want it to do if you can find it rather than having to do everything from scratch.  The problem with doing that is that it might not be the best choice for someone who just needs to get a basic site up there and doesn’t necessarily need anything above what is available from many of the companies out there,k although it might be nice to have something that completely differentiates from everyone else, it’s not always going to be the best choice in every event, or even in more situations for most people.  If you absolutely need something unique, though, you can find it.