Man Cave

I have quite a collection of things in my “man cave” aka basement with a garage door. My wife gave me one area to call my own, where her decorating expertise and even presence are forbidden. As many of you know, that’s usually called a man cave. Mine is half garage half living room. We have a decent sized garage where I have my project car and quite a few toys, and the other side of the room has a couch, a big TV, a huge stereo, and a bunch of sports stuff I’ve collected over the years. I actually have so much stuff that I can’t even display it all. I have boxes of autographed stuff as well as cool novelties / trinkets / etc that I’ve gotten from ball games. In fact, I have about 30 bobble-heads that I’ve gotten for free by going to certain baseball / basketball games.

I need to take a lesson from work, though. My man cave is so unorganized it’s starting to bug me. At work when things started to get bad, we invested in a pretty comprehensive system for reorganizing everything. We ended up getting tons of wire shelving and organizing everything by a category. In fact, it looks pretty much amazing now. Customers walk in and instead of shuffling through bins looking for what they need they are able to be pointed right to where they need to go. Considering I was one of the people that helped organize the store, you’d think I’d be able to organize my house in the same way.

This summer, I have a couple of weeks off (been hoarding vacation for a while) so I think I’ll use a few days to reorganize my garage / man cave. We actually have quite a bit of wire shelving left over from the remodel at our store and I can get it cheap. I may grab a few sections for each half of my man cave. I’ll use it for displaying my memorabilia over in my man cave section, but I could use it to make the other side much more organized than it currently is. I have my toolbox which has all my small tools in it, but definitely need a way to organize all of my power tools. It’d be nice to have shelves for my woodworking tools, shelves for my car detailing stuff, and shelves for me general construction tools to name a few. I think I spend as much time looking for stuff as I do using it and reorganizing may be a way to fix that.