Some Things I Need To Do

Maybe I should start cleaning my place a bit more often.  That’s actually what I was thinking about.  I have a tendency to not really clean or pick stuff up because I usually know where the things I need are, and I know that if I’m just going to use something again I might as well leave it where it is rather than put it away.  But in spite of being kind of messy, I don’t wear my shoes in my home.  I don’t like it when people do that, and I always tell my friends they need to take their shoes off before they come inside if they are visiting.  Shoes leave dirt and stuff which means I have to clean eve n more often.  And it’s just more comfortable to wear slippers or whatever around the house, so I think I will just do that.



On the subject of cleaning up dirt, I should probably be shopping for a new vacuum.  My carpet is pretty awesome but it’s also a bit different from normal carpet and tends to be harder to vacuum.  It’s not that it’s longer, it’s just that it’s, I don’t know, the texture is different.  I have hardwood floors throughout most of my home but I have a large rug in the living room that I need to keep free from dirt and it needs a special kind of vacuum.  I am looking at a few by Hoover and then you always see those commercials from Dyson on TV but their vacuums are a bit more than I probably need since I don’t have that much to clean and I’m not sure if they are really that much better than the other ones.  Some of the Hoover Power Scrub reviews I’ve read make it sound like that one might work pretty well, although it seems pretty advanced and has some other features like heated scrubbing and it looks like it would be alright to use, although it seems kind of weird but that might just be the way it’s designed so I’ll have to see it in person before I decide.

The other thing I need to do is get some new pots and pans for my stove.  I have this stove that isn’t supposed to use the normal kind but they need to be made out of a certain design or something.  There was a note about it in the literature that it came with so I’ll need to make sure I get the right kind.