Monthly Archives: January 2014

Annoying Websites

You could say I’m a big internet nerd.  As many of my friends will tell you, I do a lot of stuff online.  They will show me things online and I have already seen them.  When I have an issue with something I usually try to find the solution online.  I am active in many internet communities including forums, discussion boards, and the blogging community.  I have some social media applications that I use, too, although I must say that I’m not really as into social media as I am the other stuff.  I usually just go on there if I need to tell somebody something and I don’t feel like emailing them.

I’ve been noticing recently that poor judgement has been affecting some of the sites I visit.  It seems like a lot of places now will show you part of an article and then there will be a break in the page and it will say something like this: “like this page on Facebook to read the rest of this article.”

Um, no.

Why is everyone trying to get so many likes?  How about you don’t be a jerk and just let me see the article that I came here to read?  When I see that kind of thing I click back and never go to that page again.  If your page is cool I might like it, but if you try to force me into liking it you are a dbag and a giant moron and I’ll go get the info somewhere else.  It seems like you can just be a douchebag online now, too.  Don’t those people know you can buy Facebook likes online, anyway?  Here is a buy Facebook likes review if you’ve never heard of that.  It’s silly.  Why force readers to like their pages?  How stupid is that, anyway?  What do they even get if they get enough likes?  They can tell their friends how many people clicked on their page?  Who even wants to do that?  I hope that no one does it but it seems like those guys always have 1000s of like so I don’t know.  It just seems like they’re not being fair, and they’re not.

You never see that kind of thing on legit sites, though.  It’s always the ones that are kind of slimy and are probably trying to get you to sign up for something, too.  I hate that both in real life and online.  I prefer to visit sites that don’t hold back information and try to get you to give them a vote of confidence just to give you the information that they originally said they were going to give you.  Cuz if you do that kind of them, then i don’t like you, and I won’t like your page.  So it kind of seems ironic.