Warmer Weather


My wife was interested in blogging so I let her write my post below.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be a high of -3 degrees outside. Do you have any idea how cold that is? That isn’t even considering the wind chill factor which will probably make it closer to -25. Needless to say our vacation to Ireland can’t get here fast enough. We leave in exactly 18 days (not that I am counting). It is going to be so nice to get away from Old Man Winter for a week and a half. Two of those days will be spent traveling but we’ll have a full week plus to sit back and relax and enjoy ourselves.

We have a few things planned but the thing I’m most excited about is Ireland horseback riding. My husband and I both love horses and we used to own one about ten years ago. That was before I got pregnant. When that happened we could no longer afford to keep a pet so expensive so I ended up selling him (his name was Hank) to my cousin Stephanie. She kept him a few years and I would visit him on occasion but then she moved and I have only seen pictures of him since. I still need to research what kind of tours we can take while riding which I’ll probably get to after I am done writing this. I probably shouldn’t put that off much longer as there might be some kind of reservation system you need to use. My husband isn’t quite the equestrian that I am but he has rode his fair share during his day. He grew up on a farm and there were plenty of them to ride when he was a kid. He actually wanted to be a jockey up until he got too big for that to happen.

We are also going to be eating like Kings and Queens while we are there because we are both really enjoy food. I’ve already booked reservations for us for three different restaurants and each of them have excellent ratings. Our hotel is top notch too but I don’t want to spend a lot of time there. We don’t get to visit foreign countries too often so we want to see and experience as much as we can while we are there.

I’m definitely going to be taking a lot of pictures so make sure you check back in about a month if you are interested in seeing some of them.